BaBi Wakefield (Born and Bred in Wakefield)

NHS Wakefield CCG is part of an exciting new venture called Born and Bred in (BaBi) Wakefield!

BaBi Wakefield is a new research initiative which aims to create a picture of local people’s health and lives over time. It uses research to help identify how we might create a healthier, happier environment for families across Wakefield District to enjoy. 

Starting during pregnancy, local data which is routinely collected about you and your child is linked together to create a wider picture of your family’s health and wellbeing. This includes health, social and educational sources of data.

Researchers use the collated data from all the participants to investigate key questions around the health of people living in Wakefield District, looking for ways in which we could make improvements to help local people. Over time, this will provide a really useful insight to help inform the future development of local services. 

A short video was produced with families in Bradford, where the scheme, known as Born in Bradford (BiB), began. It explains how the research study works and what the benefits have been for local families. You can watch the video on the Born in Bradford website.

We are excited to announce that BaBi Wakefield will be open to  participants in early 2022.

To find out more about BaBi Wakefield, please go to our BaBi section on The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust website.

BaBi Wakefield is part of the BaBi Network, which began with Born in Bradford.  It is a group of local birth cohort studies that work together to link routine data with the aim to improve the health and wellbeing of families through research. To find out more please go to the Born in Bradford website.

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