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About Connecting Care+

Introducing Wakefield

Wakefield district has an estimated resident population of around 336,834 (371,559 people are registered with the district’s 36 GP practices). Of this, 12 per cent of the population are aged over 70 years, and it is predicted that by 2021 over 22 per cent of people will be aged over 65 years.

Wakefield district ranks as the 65th most deprived district in England (out of 326), and over 40,000 people live in neighbourhoods that are in the top 10 per cent most deprived in England. There are, however, neighbourhoods of considerable affluence and the overall trend is considered to be one of improvement and development.

The health of Wakefield people is generally worse than the national average for England. Within our Joint Strategic Needs Analysis (JSNA) we have identified 10 key facts for the health of Wakefield district:

  1. We are living longer, with more illnesses than ever before
  2. People dying from cancer and cardiovascular disease in those aged under 75 is increasing
  3. Mental ill health makes up a large part of morbidity faced by Wakefield district’s population
  4. People experience unequal levels of health and duration of life
  5. Smoking remains a problem for the Wakefield district
  6. Excess weight in the population is a challenge
  7. Alcohol harm and the violence associated with alcohol is increasing
  8. Air pollution in Wakefield is linked to hundreds of deaths a year
  9. Infectious diseases still pose risk to Wakefield and district residents
  10. Dental health for children and adults in Wakefield is poor.

To address these issues, local organisations from health and social care, housing and voluntary and community organisations have been working together to co-design a care system that meets the support needs of local people. This work operates under the Connecting Care+ programme.

Visit the Wakefield JSNA website for more information and data on the health and wellbeing outcomes for local people.


About Connecting Care+

Connecting Care+ is made up of local health, social care, voluntary and community sector organisations from across the Wakefield district. These organisations work together as partners to deliver health and social care integration to deliver innovative methods of care to local people.


Our Shared Vision:

The Connecting Care+ vision is to ensure that local people receive person-centred coordinated care, which is delivered at the right time, in the right place and by the right person. In order to achieve this vision, certain principles were outlined by partners. These principles are:

  • Patients are practically managed at or close to their homes
  • Care is co-ordinated and seamless
  • Only those people who need to be in hospital are admitted
  • Once admitted into hospital, people only stay for as long as is clinically necessary
  • People are supported and in control of their condition and care, enjoying independence for longer
  • Unpaid carers are prepared and supported to care for longer.