Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is a programme spanning both the NHS and local government which seeks to join-up health and care services, so that people can manage their own health and wellbeing, and live independently in their communities for as long as possible.


The BCF, set up by the UK Government in 2013, supports the New Care Models Programme in-line with the Five Year Forward View. It funds services from statutory organisations, such as hospitals and social care, as well as voluntary organisations through pooled budgets arrangements and agreed integrated spending plans.


In Wakefield, our Connecting Care+ partnership programme is already delivering a joined-up approach to health and social care, which is improving local people’s wellbeing. Wakefield has chosen to submit a BCF plan that has a pooled budget of £78m (£53m more than the required minimum) to demonstrate our ambition and commitment in achieving integration.


What did the BCF achieve in 2016/17?

Our BCF schemes incorporate multiple services funded by partners under the banner of Connecting Care+.


The Wakefield BCF has been successful during 2016/2017, and through partnership working via the Better Care Fund we achieved a great deal last year.


In 2016/17 Wakefield achieved all the Better Care Fund national conditions. We also achieved the targets for:

  • The proportion of older people (65 and over) who were still at home 91 days after discharge from hospital into reablement/rehabilitation services
  • The proportion of adult social care users who had as much social contact as they would like.


The Better Care Fund non elective target was achieved in 2016/17 with 3,246 fewer admissions than the plan.


The Delayed Transfers of Care target was also achieved with 2,360 fewer delayed days than in 15/16.


Other key milestones achieved so far include the launch of a new intermediate care bed model in April 2017, alongside other service launches including; the Patient Activation Measures (PAM) tool, the Late Visiting Service pilot and the launch of GP Care Wakefield in general practice for urgent and routine care in October 2017.