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Care Homes

Wakefield was home to one of the six Enhanced Health in Care Homes Vanguard sites in the country. The vanguard aimed to tackle loneliness and fragmented care by joining-up services for older people in supported living schemes and care homes.


Launched in March 2015, the vanguard was originally piloted across 15 care homes and two extra care facilities. However, following the success of the vanguard, this was expanded in 2017 to 27 care homes and six Independent Living Schemes, covering 1,594 active beds. Part of the care homes vanguard’s role was to pilot new services and initiatives to deliver innovative methods of care across the district which could be shared with other health and social care economies.


What results did the Enhanced Health in Care Homes Vanguard see?

From April 2016 - March 2017, care homes within the vanguard supported the following decreases in Secondary Care activity (against those care homes who were not part of the vanguard):


  • 13% reduction in emergency admissions
  • 6% reduction in A&E attendances
  • 5% reduction in ambulance call-outs
  • 28% reduction in bed days.


Throughout 2014/15, 38% of residents in Supported Living Schemes within the care homes vanguard had to terminate their tenancy and move into residential care homes to receive more support for their health and wellbeing needs. However, in 2015/16, following the first operating year of the vanguard, this reduced to 0% of terminated tenancies, ensuring that tenants could stay independent for longer.


From April 2018, the work of the vanguard has continued across the district as business as usual as part of the Connecting Care+ programme. The many services and programmes delivered through our care home work can be found listed to the left of the page.