Sharing Information

A huge milestone in rolling-out our Hub model in Wakefield is the creation of the Personal Integrated Care (PIC) File. The PIC File went live in December 2017, and kicked off the early implementation of the Connecting Care Hubs before the wider roll-out across the district started in January 2018.


The PIC is a shared electronic care record that provides an integrated overview of the interventions a patient/service user receives regarding a particular episode of care. This holistic approach enables complex and competing needs to be seamlessly addressed and appropriately supported by multiple partner agencies.


Under previous systems, there was no seamless and straightforward way in which GP practices, social care, voluntary sector or community services could have a single shared view of the care and support a patient was currently receiving within their care plan. The PIC therefore holds summary information from all the agencies involved with the episode of care and is used to track recommendations and tasks, allowing access to the interventions undertaken to those organisations involved in the care package.


The sharing of information will mean:

  • Patients receive an improved holistic and co-ordinated care package tailored to their specific needs
  • Patients don’t have to keep repeating medical or social care history to different care professionals
  • Care professionals will have access to the right information when they need it
  • Patients will receive the right treatment and care more quickly
  • Efficiency saving such as a reduction in multiple assessment visits/duplicate appointments/tests etc.
  • Prevention of worsening health needs/ escalating social needs as support.


We take protecting patient information very seriously and always ensure it is shared in the safest way, compliant with data protection regulations, and it can only be accessed by those professionals who are involved in an individual’s care and wellbeing. Patients can ask staff if they have any concerns.


To find out how we use information, please download the Connecting Care Hub Privacy Notice - this link opens a Microsoft Word document.