GP Care Wakefield - Extended Operating Hours


GP Care Wakefield, part of the Connecting Care+ programme, enables patients to access medical advice and, if required, access to a Wakefield GP appointment, through calling their own GP practice telephone number between:

  • 6pm to 10pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am to 3pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.


Patients are provided with medical advice from a dedicated nursing team, who will assess the patients need, offer self care advice, signpost to the most appropriate service, or book patients into a same-day GP appointment at one of two sites across the district. It is anticipated that patients will be able to receive support quicker and therefore no longer seek to go to A and E for conditions that are not suitable.


The service offers routine primary care that includes access to simple diagnostics (blood tests, spirometry and ECG), family planning and support for simple chronic disease management, for patients whose conditions are stable. Utilising a patient record sharing system, the scheme enables the service to have access to the patient’s records if the patient gives consent.