Physiotherapy in General Practice – Physio Line

Patients are now able to book themselves an assessment with a physiotherapist as part of service offered in some GP practices in Wakefield.


Physio Line

Physio Line is a pilot telephone-based programme where patients can speak to a physiotherapist via telephone who will provide information, advice and work with patients who have musculoskeletal problems to develop appropriate management plans.


Following a telephone assessment with a physiotherapist, patients who do not need to see a physiotherapist in a face-to-face appointment will be provided with a personally-tailored physiotherapy home exercise programme. This is accessible through the Physiotec software, and can be accessed via computer, tablets and smart-phones, as well as being sent via post to patients.


The programme focuses on supporting patients who have non-urgent conditions and are amenable to self-care. It should reduce unnecessary face-to-face appointments with physiotherapists. Some patients may receive follow-up or onward referral to other services including community physiotherapy. However, this will only occur if the issue is deemed to be of a more complex nature and requires further support.


The pilot was launched in June in three GP practices. The pilot has so far seen the following reductions:

  • 41% reduction in first appointments to community physiotherapy
  • 34% reduction in follow-up appointments.


Whilst the rest of the district has seen the following outcomes:

  • 3% increase in first appointments in community physiotherapy service
  • 7% reduction in follow-up appointments.