Live Well Wakefield - Social Prescribing

Launched on 1st April 2017, Live Well Wakefield is a social wellbeing service, commissioned by Wakefield Council and jointly delivered by Nova Wakefield District and South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.


The service is for all adults (18+), who are Wakefield district residents in need of information, advice and support in coping with everyday life. The team recognise that there are many things that can affect people’s ability to feel healthy and remain independent, so the service focuses on:

  • Supporting people to cope with their long-term conditions; or those of someone they may care for; increasing independence to enable and empower people to self-manage their own health and wellbeing
  • Reducing social isolation; supporting those who are feeling lonely and looking for social opportunities to get more involved in the community
  • Signposting people with social, emotional or practical needs to a range of local services, often provided by the voluntary and community sector
  • Promoting an holistic approach to health and wellbeing by focusing on the wider determinants of health and supporting people to access relevant services e.g. housing, welfare advice and employment programmes, as well as health promotion services such as smoking cessation and physical activity.

Live Well Wakefield in Action - A Case Study of John

John lived alone and only had one family member, who lived abroad. John referred himself to the Live Well Wakefield team as he was feeling socially isolated and hardly left the house - other than when attending medical appointments. The Live Well Wakefield team visited John at his home, where it became apparent that John had multiple long-term conditions and was struggling at times to live independently while managing these conditions.


John told the team he was still driving, but found it difficult walking from the car to different locations and was worried that he would have to give up driving and lose more independence. Discussions followed in regards to applying for a Blue Badge to allow John to park closer to different locations. An application for a Blue Badge was sent to John who was supported by the team to complete this. Alternative transport options were also discussed such as the Access Bus in case John wished to use different methods of transport.


John was also having difficulty bathing, which was causing him anxiety. He felt a loss of pride - being from a military background he prided himself on being ‘well kept’. John only had a bathroom with a shower fitted and following a recent history of falls he had begun to feel it was unsafe to use the shower. The Live Well Wakefield team spoke about aids available for the shower and John felt he would benefit from some grab rails. A referral to handyperson service was discussed and agreed to be made.


To address John’s feelings of social isolation the team provided him with a local directory of social events and groups, and options were discussed and recommended for John’s abilities. He was interested in one group in particular for their chair based gentle exercises options and coffee mornings, and an application was attained for John which was completed.


Visit the Live Well Wakefield website.

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