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Wakefield General Practice Resilience Academy

28% of Wakefield practice nurses and 52% of extended role practice nurses are aged over 55.


In 2016/17, the Health Education England Workforce survey identified that Wakefield is facing a decreasing number of GPs, alongside an ageing practice nurse and practice manager population. The survey highlights not only the difficulty in recruiting and retaining GPs but also in the transition into a new primary care team model.


Launched on 1st April 2017, the Wakefield Wakefield General Practice Resilience Academy, is tackling current and future workforce challenges by:

  • Leading and facilitating innovative workforce developments across general practice to meet the needs of the Wakefield population
  • Transforming learning by commissioning, providing and facilitating local, affordable, innovative and quality training and education that meets the current/future needs of a changing workforce across general practice in Wakefield.


The ambition to help recruit a future workforce, develop the current workforce and support the current workforce by 2020 is huge. By “growing our own” staff and developing, owning and delivering the education, training, supervision and support they require, we can begin to address the recruitment, retention and retraining of the workforce locally.


In 2017, the Academy produced a Workforce Intelligence Report that supported the development of the strategy and following objectives delivered throughout the next year:


1. Workforce planning – working with practices to regularly collect data and use the intelligence obtained to inform future workforce modelling.


2. Growing talent and resilience – development and delivery of:

  • A role-specific professional development and leadership educational programme
  • A mandatory and essential training framework
  • Preceptorship and clinical supervision programmes.


3. Redesign of new roles and new ways of working - working with:

  • The Wakefield Advanced Training Practice Hub to increase numbers of nurse mentors, nursing students, GPN Ready nurses and HCA apprenticeships
  • Connecting Care+ partners Spectrum CIC and South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust, to develop a Physicians Association Rotation Scheme
  • External organisations and practices to lead the recruitment of apprentices for training programmes to develop nurse associates, registered general nurses and international GPs.


4. Leadership Development - The Academy has launched the ILM Level 5 programme for practice managers in partnership with WDH. Leadership programmes are also an integral component of the professional development programme.


5. Engagement – Working with local schools to engage and provide internships and work experience to children of different ages within health and social care in Wakefield.