About the Academy

What is the Academy?

The Academy has a huge ambition to help recruit a future workforce, develop the current workforce and support the current workforce focusing on the Recruit, Retrain, and Retain objectives.


Below is a list of some of the things we intend to do:





Volunteers in general practice

Education and training needs analysis

Practice manager leadership

Internships and work experience for schools and colleges

Education and training calendar

Nurse clinical supervision

Placements for Widening Access to Medicine Scheme

Cost effective and locally delivered training

Health and wellbeing strategy

Attending careers fairs

Shared training resources

Resilience support for general practice

Explore new joint funded posts across the local healthcare system e.g- physicians associate

Education and training plan for healthcare assistants, general practice nurses, advanced nurse practitioners and physicians associates

Preceptorship programmes

Promote nurse mentors- with the Advanced Training Practice Hub

Development and delivery of GP Forward View practice manager development programmes

Programme for GPwSI training

Support student nurse placements- with the Advanced Training Practice Hub

Development and delivery of GP Forward View GP leadership programmes

 GP/nurse retention initiatives

Support GPN Ready scheme- with the Advanced Training Practice Hub

Development and delivery of GP Forward View practice manager and admin staff development programmes

Mandatory and essential training tool

Support HCA apprenticeships- with the Advanced Training Practice Hub

Development of New Models of Care workforce modelling

Nurse engagement/non-medical prescribing/TARGET events


Why did the Academy begin?

The Academy has been established because general practice is under pressure with increasing workload and the national difficulty in recruiting GP’s alongside an ageing workforce. In addition, the work of the New Models of Care programme has seen the development of new roles in general practice.


In Wakefield, we have rich data about the general practice workforce collated from a three monthly workforce survey that General Practices completed. We almost always get 100% completion by general practices in Wakefield, and below is a summary table about the key findings from the general practice workforce in Wakefield:



WTE 2014


WTE 2016



227.03 (14%)

232.49 (16%)

Practice nurse

130.63 (23.5%)

151.96 (28%)

Direct patient care

65.1 (18.2%)

80.88 (20%)

Practice management

448.57 (25%)

478.9 (26%)


The number of GPs in Wakefield is increasing and compared nationally the number of over 55 years of age is very low.


The total numbers of other staff in the survey has increased but the concern is about the age of the nursing workforce. Nearly a third of the nursing workforce in general practice is over 55 years of age.