How to become a Physician Associate in General Practice

Physician associates (PAs) are relatively new roles in general practice in the UK. PAs work under the supervision of a doctor and are trained to perform a number of day to day tasks including:

  • Finding out why patients are visiting the doctor
  • Examining patients
  • Making diagnoses
  • Analysing test results
  • Developing treatment plans for patients.


To become a physician associate you will be a graduate, often with a first degree in a biomedical science subject, and have undertaken postgraduate training. You will also need to undertake further training and education when you join a practice.


Zara and Freya, local PA students, tell us more about their experience of the course and training so far in Wakefield below.


The following resources can also provide more information about how to become a PA:


There are a number of local universities that offer training to become a physicians associate. Click here for information about the Postgraduate Diploma in Physician Associate Studies from Leeds University.



What is the Academy doing to help?

Schools Programme

Working with local schools to be able to offer work experience placements in general practice to school and college students.



Working with local schools to be able to offer internship placements in general practice to school and college students interested in a career in healthcare.


PA Ready Scheme and PA Rotations

Developing a programme to support the employment of PAs locally in Wakefield general practices and working with local hospital and community providers to develop rotations for PAs through general practices. Details for this scheme are currently being developed – with more information to come!


Want more information?

If you would like more information about these programmes then please contact the Academy team.