How to become an Advanced Care Practitioner in General Practice

Advanced care practitioners work in GP surgeries as part of the practice team which includes working alongside doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and a variety of other health care professionals. Advanced care practitioners have a very varied role that is hugely rewarding and satisfying.


Although the advanced care practitioner role is not new, there can be some confusion about what the role actually is. A good definition of the role is from the East Midlands Advanced Clinical Practice Framework:


“A role, requiring a registered practitioner to have acquired an expert knowledge base, complex decision-making skills and clinical competences for expanded scope of practice, the characteristics of which are shaped by the context in which the individual practices.”


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Advanced care practitioners in general practice come from a variety of healthcare roles including nursing, pharmacists, paramedics and other community focused roles. To become an advanced care practitioner in general practice you will be a registered healthcare professional (registered with your appropriate professional organisation) and have undertaken a recognised Advanced Practice Course at Masters level.


There are a number of local universities that offer training to become an advanced care practitioner in general practice. Click here for information about the Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Practice from Leeds Beckett University.


Hear Jayne’s story about her experience on the course below.





What is the Academy doing to help?

Schools Programme

Working with local schools to be able to offer work experience placements in general practice to school and college students.



Working with local schools to be able to offer internship placements in general practice to school and college students interested in a career in healthcare.


Student Nurse placements in General Practice

Supporting our local Advanced Training Practice Hub to provide student nurse placements in general practice. The aim of this is to give students nurses the experience of general practice and to showcase that working in general practice can lead to a satisfying and rewarding career.



Want more information?

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