Our Journey so far

The journey to transform and integrate health and social care began in Wakefield in 2010, when partners came together to develop a shared vision for local care.

In April 2014, our first Connecting Care Hub was launched which allowed multiple organisations to work together to support patients with complex needs who could otherwise receive disjointed care, with multiple referrals and handovers.

In October 2014, the Five Year Forward View was released. Our two vanguards applications were accepted, and began to operate under the Connecting Care programme.

The West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Ltd. Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP) Vanguard allowed us to pilot new and innovative Primary Care services. Since March 2015, our Enhanced Health in Care Homes Vanguard has allowed us to pilot and work with local care homes and Independent Living Schemes to deliver new care models.

From April 2017, the West Wakefield MCP pilot finished and the model was rolled-out across the district, launching new services, as well as developing those from the pilot. The roll-out of MCP model saw the work of Connecting Care develop and expand into Connecting Care+.

Connecting Care+ builds on the learnings from the original Connecting Care programme and will be delivered as Wakefield’s New Model of Care. For the full Connecting Care journey, please view our 2018 Transforming Local Care booklet.