Case Study 4


This individual self-referred to Live Well Wakefield on the advice of their GP, who provided them with some information.

Referral information said that they were interested in finding out more about social opportunities and becoming more involved in their community.            

What did the Live Well advisor do?

During their first assessment, they expressed an interested in losing weight and increasing their physical activity levels. The Live Well advisor discussed Aspire ( for support with this and told them about the 12 week free exercise programme. The Live Well advisor contacted Aspire on their behalf for further information and a self-referral form was submitted.

They also expressed suffering with low mood and having a poor support network due to family living out of the area. They also felt lonely and isolated due to this. The Live Well advisor talked about social opportunities and told them about the local social directory to help them to find out more about groups/activities in the area, along with the Self-Management Programme courses/workshops for peer support and further details were provided.

Due to them experiencing low mood/stress, the Live Well advisor discussed a referral to the Mental Health Navigator (MHN) to access further support around their mental health, which the they consented to.

During the review they said they were having some financial difficulties relating to their property. The Live Well advisor discussed a number of support options, and provided details for Money Smart ( and the Mortgage Breathing Space Scheme (

Other information provided included signposting to healthy eating advice and details for a weight management programme, along with information about Turning Point ( workshops. A referral was also submitted to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for a Safe and Well Check (

Shortly before the six month review was due, this individual suffered a close family bereavement and required support. The Live Well advisor discussed the bereavement support options appropriate for the individual and provided relevant contact details for these.

They said that they were struggling emotionally and financially.  The Live Well advisor contacted the MHN to make them aware of the change in situation. The Live Well advisor also agreed (with consent) to inform their GP and request a telephone appointment. They also accepted a referral to the Samaritans Check in and Chat service for additional support around their mental health.

What happened?                        

They were provided support and referred to relevant services to help them to access specialist support. They have also been provided with details for other services they can contact themselves for additional help if needed.

They are aware they are able to contact Live Well Wakefield if needed, and have done so recently on a number occasions when unsure of who can support them with certain issues. Live Well Wakefield will continue to provide support and use their knowledge of local services to help them with other areas if needed.  As a result, they now have an extended support network available to them.

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