Case Study 7

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Miss E referred herself to the Live Well service on the recommendation of her GP surgery. She had physical disabilities that had been present since birth and from which she had chronic pain. She struggled with her mental health and was anxious about dealing with changes to her benefits.

What did the Live Well advisor do?

Miss E struggled with her mental health due to multiple factors and had recently had severe low mood which had been reviewed by her GP and she was awaiting support from talking therapies, but she wondered if there was any support available at the moment.

Her physical disabilities caused chronic persistent pain, but due to having them from birth, all relevant aids and equipment were already in place.

Following a conversation, Miss E was referred to the Mental Health Navigator and to the Expert Patient Programme ( for support with learning self-management techniques to help manage her long term conditions, persistent pain and mental health. She was also provided with information on other local support services to help with her mental health recovery.  She was provided with information on financial support services to help with her benefit concerns.

What happened?                  

Miss E had attended several of the Live Well team’s self-management courses and due to the benefit that she had experienced from them, had expressed an interest in becoming a volunteer tutor for the service.  She was now receiving support with her benefits which had also helped to reduce her anxiety.  She said that she felt a lot more knowledgeable, confident and positive about improving and managing her health and wellbeing.

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