Case Study 8


A referral was made for Mr F to Live Well Wakefield by his GP.  Mr F lives alone since his wife went into care with dementia, Mr F has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and has some memory issues, has had multiple falls recently and has missed hospital appointments, regarding falls, due to forgetting.

A home visit was arranged with Mr F, who said he is falling regularly and has fallen three times in the last month in his home. He has an issue with balance and the falls have resulted in injuries to the knees.

Mr F has a system installed which includes a medication reminder, but was not wearing the wrist band during the visit as he finds it uncomfortable.

Mr F does have two cleaners who visit weekly but said that shopping is a struggle, poor mobility makes it difficult to get around a supermarket and he will often eat out in a local cafe as he has limited cooking skills.  He also said that he can be unsteady in the kitchen when preparing food. Mr F does have his own car though, and will drive to places that he knows.

Mr F lives in a bungalow but feels that it is not big enough as he has three dogs.  He does not want to move though, as the property is suitable for his mobility issues. The Live Well advisor spoke to him about benefits, as he is unsure of what benefits he receives since his wife went into a care home.

Mr F is experiencing depression and has felt down since his wife went into a care home, and said that he would be interested in groups in the local area and was advised to contact Live Well if mobility was an issue as they could liaise with the group.                   

What did the Live Well advisor do?  

Mr F was referred to MYTherapy ( for falls prevention and for an occupational therapy assessment. A phone call was made to the system provider about Mr F not wearing the wrist band, and they will contact Mr F to discuss his options.  A referral was made to Cash Wise ( to make sure Mr F was getting the correct benefits.  A social directory was sent to Mr F to see if there are any local groups he would like to attend. Information was also sent about Age UK’s Shopping service (         

What happened?

MYTherapy completed an assessment and walking aids supplied. An electric wheelchair has been purchased but a ramp is needed as Mr F is unable to take the wheelchair out of the house. A referral to Wakefield Council has been made so that they can help with the adaptations needed.

The wrist band has been changed to a neck pendant which Mr F wears now.

Mr F had received the local directory but had not attended any groups due to a recent fall and was now nervous to. The advisor talked about befriending services and Mr F gave permission to be referred to them. Mr F was also provided with some information about a Baking Basics Course and he expressed an interest in attending this and said he would ring to book a place.

Mr F thanked Live Well Wakefield for the support he had received and how it has helped him.

Live Well Wakefield made a referral to Independent Age for the befriending service and will be contacting Mr F again.

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