Case Study 9

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Miss G is in her early 70s, lives alone and has no contact with family.  She was referred into the service by her GP practice.      

What did the Live Well advisor do?

Further to a previous assessment conducted by the Live Well team, it was observed that Miss G had memory loss problems and dysphasia.

Miss G does have a care package in place where carers come to visit once a day to provide support with personal hygiene and prompt her with medication.  The Live Well advisor identified that Miss G showed signs of deterioration regarding memory loss and dysphasia. They referred her back to Social Care Direct (, requesting she may benefit from another care assessment.  The Live Well advisor also told the memory clinic about their concerns. 

The memory clinic moved her appointment forward for another assessment and provided transport. The advisor contacted Social Care Direct to ask if Miss G's carers are able to provide support and prompting about the appointment and transport.

Miss G said that due to a recent fall, she has caused injury to her leg which is having an effect on her mobility and felt that a walker would help her. Due to Miss G's recent fall the Live Well advisor checked to see if a referral had been made to Mid Yorkshire Therapy as Miss G could not remember.            

What happened?

Social Care Direct contacted the Live Well advisor to confirm that Miss G's carers are able to provide support regarding prompting and helping her to access the transport provided by the memory clinic.

At her six week review, the Live Well advisor noted that MYTherapy ( had been to visit Miss G, completed a review and referred her onto Age UK ( who are going to provide support for purchasing a walker. Social Care Direct said that she has a named social worker and will be having another care assessment to identify if her needs have changed. Carers reminded Miss G about her appointment at the memory clinic and came a little later on the date of the appointment to make sure Miss G was able to get ready and get on the transport to the memory clinic.

The Live Well advisor told Miss G's GP about the injury to her leg.

Miss G will be followed up at six months and 12 months and Social Care Direct will update of the findings of their visit.  The Live Well advisor will also talk to Miss G about social opportunities once she is feeling better.

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