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Supporting our communities

In this section there are a number of case studies that share how our Primary Care Networks in the Wakefield area have been working to support their patients through enhanced primary care roles, created by resources funded through the NHS England Long Term Plan.  In Wakefield our seven Primary Care Networks employ their link workers through Live Well Wakefield, which is a social prescribing service that Wakefield Council commissions, delivered jointly by Nova Wakefield District and South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  The positive impact of the link worker roles for Primary Care Networks is the focus of these case studies.

Between April to June 2020, 784 general practice referrals to Live Well Wakefield took place through these link worker roles. This represented a 2350% increase in the same time period of 2019 when 32 general practice referrals were received between April to June 2019. Live Well Wakefield receives referrals from a range of partners across Wakefield and between 23 March - 1 July 2020 they have been in contact with over 1575 residents helping them to access prescriptions, food parcels, financial support, housing support and helping with welfare checks.

Dr Greg Connor, Executive Clinical Advisor for NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:

“The shielding process has led to a much better understanding of who might be vulnerable and why. Work between Wakefield Council and the CCG helped broaden the definitions out from medical conditions and frailty assessments to encompass social and other factors. The 37 general practices in Wakefield used the partnership developed between their seven Primary Care Networks and Live Well Wakefield to secure a wide range of local support services. This added a more comprehensive and proactive dimension to the traditionally reactive social prescribing model.  It is something which arose in early 2020 because of COVID-19 and which will be developed further as a priority area for our Wakefield Integrated Care Partnership.” 

Maria Green-Lynch, Wakefield Council Public Health commissioner for Live Well Wakefield added:

“Since the primary care network social prescribing link workers were appointed, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of GP referrals to the Live Well Wakefield service. The assessments undertaken and time that the link workers spend with service users, to look at the wider determinants which impact on their health and wellbeing. The interventions offered support people to access a range of specialist and community services relevant to individual needs, and demonstrates that support outside of medical interventions is often what people need to help them to take control their own health and wellbeing.”

Rebecca Bibbs who is Live Well Wakefield’s Service Manager, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We're really proud of the Live Well Wakefield service and the team. We really couldn't do it without all the support we've had from our general practices, our public health and CCG colleagues though, having everyone across the system giving the same messages has really helped.”

Melanie Brown, Director Commissioning for Integrated Health and Care, NHS Wakefield CCG said:

“These case studies demonstrate the impressive outcomes that are being achieved for our patients through Primary Care Network link support workers working with our general practices. Our system has an ambition to integrate care at all levels and it is fantastic to see neighbourhood integrated care being delivered through our voluntary and community sector in this approach.”

The overall COVID-19 support provided to our communities in the Wakefield District is captured below:

The case studies are a small sample of how our 37 General Practices in the Wakefield District have supported their shielded patients by working with partners.

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