Current engagement opportunities

We want to make sure that NHS services in Wakefield are the best they can be, and that’s only possible if we know what’s important to you.


You might want to ask a question, or you might want to let us know that you’re not happy about something. Or you might think that you received really good care. Whatever it is, we want to know.

Wakefield Partner's Parent Autism Engagement Event

TEAM Parent Forum (Kids) in association with NHS Wakefield CCG, The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Wakefield Council (Wakefield Inclusion Services) and South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust, will be hosting an event open to parents or carers of children who have recently been through the autism diagnosis process in Wakefield.


The event will be held on 30th January 2019, 12:30 - 14:30pm at the Brook House Working Mens Club, 221 Barnsley Road, Wakefield WF1 5NU, and is part of our local ongoing commitment to improving the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) process and pathway for the diagnosis of children with ASD.


Professionals from the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust will be in attendance at this event. There will also be representation from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and Wakefield Inclusion Services.


In addition, the newly appointed Wakefield Council Service Director for Education and Inclusion will attend this session following discussions at a previous event, held on 28th November 2018, that requested more support for children and young people in educational settings.


It is hoped that the session will enable local parents and carers to share their experiences so that we can help to continuously improve our services, whilst also providing attendees with the opportunity to gain some advice and information that may be helpful for families.


If you are able to attend the event or even unable to attend the event but would still like to contribute, please email: mellissa.mackell@kids.org.uk to share your views or confirm your attendance.

Engagement with Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

  • Do you go to fun activities in your community?
  • Do you have help from someone to access activities?
  • Do you have someone who helps you in your home in the day time or during the night?
  • Do you ever sleep over night away from home?
  • Does your family have other help in your home?


If you answer yes to any of these, Wakefield Council are wanting to hear your views.


In health and social care we call these above activities a "Short Break" and want you to share your Short Break experience, how you feel about this and what type of activities you would like to be able to do when you are not in school.


Please complete this short questionnaire here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/ShortBreaksCYPfeedback


This information will be used to help the Council to plan future Short Break support and activities for children and young people in the Wakefield district.


If you would prefer to complete a paper copy or need an easy read version please contact the Council's Children Commissioning Team, email address: childrenscommissioningwakefield.govuk or telephone: 01924 305005.


Please note that the survey closes on 14th December 2018.


Wakefield Partners Parent Engagement Event

Wakefield health and care partners were asked to arrange a wider professionals meeting with local parents following some parent discussions that took place in July and September earlier this year.


The meeting was initially scheduled for 23rd October, however, due to unforeseen circumstances this session was postponed and has now been rescheduled to take place on:

  • 28th November
  • 12.30 - 2.30pm
  • At the Glasshoughton Centre in Castleford, WF10 4PF.


Recognising that parents have asked to meet with some wider professionals, the event will consider the following areas:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder - facilitated by The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Education - facilitated by Wakefield Council
  • Partnership Working- facilitated by Kidz Aware
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health – facilitated by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.


Parents are welcome to join this session and we look forward to seeing you there.


Outpatient and Diagnostic Public Engagement

NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) plans and buys health and care services for the Wakefield district. We use the money given to us by the Government to make sure that all patients in the district are able to access safe, and high quality health services.


The way some services are provided at the moment can mean that patients experience different waiting times for their appointment depending on the type of test or procedure they need.


Sometimes tests and procedures are provided by Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust at their hospitals and community clinics.


The CCG also has contracts with a small number of private health companies for some tests and simple outpatient procedures that they perform on behalf of the NHS. These extra services are delivered from locations in some areas of the district, listed below.  


The types of treatment are for:

·         Diagnostic tests (X-Ray; ultrasound, MRI)

·         Ear Nose and Throat (including nurse micro-suction)

·         Male urology

·         Vasectomy

·         Adult hearing loss

·         Female urology

·         Gynaecology (including ring pessary)

·         Digestive system (including endoscopy)

·         Chest and lungs

·         Surgery (specifically minor hand, or vascular surgery)

·         Eyes (non-urgent ophthalmology)


The CCG pays the private providers for patients the NHS sends to them for treatment. These providers include: Ferrybridge Medical Centre, Living Care, Mediscan Diagnostic Ltd, Novus Health, Phoenix Health Solutions LTD, Physiological Measurements, SG Radiology & Associates LTD, The Grange Medical Centre, The Practice, Specsavers, Scrivens, Inhealth, Marie Stopes and Yorkshire Health Solutions. A number of the contracts we hold with these providers come to an end in 2018.


We have been reviewing the services that these private providers deliver. We need to decide whether to renew these contracts or let them expire or whether we wish to make new contracts for treatments we want private providers to deliver.


The areas in which we are considering letting contracts with private providers expire are:

·         Ear, Nose and Throat (including nurse micro suction);

·         Gynaecology (including ring pessary);

·         Diagnostics (x-ray; ultrasound, MRI and DEXA - bone density scans);

·         Minor hand surgery

Areas in which we still looking to have contracts with private providers are::

·         Digestive system (including endoscopy)

·         Urology;

·         Eyes (non-urgent ophthalmology);

·         General and vascular surgery;

·         Vasectomy;

·         Adult hearing loss.


We want to improve the overall waiting times that patients experience for tests and procedures.  We want to ensure that patients do not experience different waiting times depending on the type of test or procedure they need.  Any changes to the services that private providers deliver would reflect this.  Further, if we decide to change or end any of the contracts, the services will still be available in the NHS within the district through The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust. This could mean that the number of places where services are available changes. 


We want to know what the public think so we can consider their views and any concerns people might have before we make a decision about these services.  


Why are these changes being proposed?

The way services are provided at the moment means that patients can experience different waiting times for their appointments.


Whilst private providers can sometimes offer patients a quick first appointment, they cannot always start the treatment they require, any sooner than the NHS. The time it takes for a person to start their treatment is more important in terms of them getting better.


We want to make access to services more equal, making sure people always get the same high standard of care, regardless of why a referral is being made.


What we are proposing for services where waiting times need to improve

We know there are some areas where waiting times need to improve. These are: ophthalmology, gastroenterology, urology, and general surgery. We want to make sure these improve.  We are going to ask all providers who can offer these services to bid to be on the list of providers that patients can choose.


To get on the list, the providers will need to show their services are safe, high quality and accessible and show how they will improve waiting times for treatment.


It is important that providers show us how they will make sure people get all of their treatment more quickly, not just their first appointment.


What we are proposing where waiting time targets are being met?

Where waiting time standards are being met or are improving, we are proposing that we may not renew contracts with private providers for these treatments.  These are:

·         Ear, Nose and Throat

·         Gynaecology

·         Diagnostic Tests

·         Minor hand surgery

This will mean we can make savings and focus on improving services where waiting times are too long.

NHS services will always be available in the district.

Why are people’s views important?

We are doing a full assessment of each service and the impact that a change could have on local people. Feedback from local people, along with other information, will help us reach a decision and identify safe and realistic timescales to make any changes.


Feedback will also help us understand what people might be worried about and help us take action to reduce any impact of the changes. You can tell us your views here.


When will a decision be made?

The final decision will be taken by NHS Wakefield CCG after we have completed public engagement and fully assessed the impact. This is likely to be in August 2018.


What happens if these changes go ahead?

If we decide to end or change any of the contracts, all of the services will still be available on the NHS within the district. The number of places where services are available may change. New patients will be referred to the most suitable local provider. Arrangements will be made for anyone who is currently part way through a course of treatment to make sure their care continues. This may mean a change in the place where they are treated and they may see a different clinician.


Cancer Recovery Package Survey

Are you a cancer patient who has received treatment in West Yorkshire and Harrogate? Then we would like to ask for your views. Our West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance is keen to find out patients’ experience of being offered any of the different parts of the ‘Recovery Package’, which means that the support you get is built around you and your own needs. New national cancer guidance says that all people diagnosed with cancer should have access to the ‘Recovery Package’ by 2020. We want to know which parts you were offered, what was useful and beneficial and your views on how we could improve. Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire – your comments and suggestions will help us to continue to make improvements to benefit people affected by cancer across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.



Evidence Based Interventions: Consultation

Research evidence shows some interventions are not clinically effective or only effective when they are performed in specific circumstances. And, as medical science advances, some interventions are superseded by those that are less invasive or more effective.

At both national and local levels, there is a general consensus that more needs to be done to ensure the least effective interventions are not routinely performed, or only performed in more clearly defined circumstances.


NHS England are publicly consulting on Evidence Based Interventions until 28 September 2018. Learn more here.