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1. National Maternity Review

The National Maternity Review was commissioned by NHS England to assess maternity care provision and consider  how services should be developed to meet the changing needs of women and babies. 

2. Better Births

The Better Births report was produced following the National Maternity Review.  Better Births highlighted variation in quality and outcomes across the country and laid out a vision for safer and more personalised care.

3. Maternity Transformation Programme, NHS England 

The Maternity Transformation Programme was established to implement recommendations in Better Births.  The  programme has a number of priorities including promoting good practice for safer care.

4. Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle

Saving Babies’ Lives is a care bundle developed by NHS.  The care bundle is designed to tackle stillbirth and early  neonatal death.  It brings together four elements of care that are recognised as evidence based or best practice, including  reducing smoking in pregnancy. 

5. NHS Resolution’s Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST)

This is an initiative seeking to drive improvement.  The scheme aims to reward local services that take steps to  improve the delivery of best practice in maternity and neonatal services.  10 safety actions have been identified,  including compliance with all elements of the Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle.