HB's story

“I found out unexpectedly I was pregnant … only 10 days later found out it was twins!  Listening to all the complications in pregnancy with multiple births, I knew I had to do whatever it took to take away any risk coming from me smoking! 

“Smoking way more than I would ever admit to the midwife, when I was offered a referral to the stop smoking service I said yes. My stop smoking advisor, Katie,  provided support for me over the telephone throughout my pregnancy.

The stop smoking advisors listen to what you say. Instead of telling you it’s easy or to think about the baby, they actually talk with you, focus on you, and talk about what you feel will work for you and what won’t. Don’t be afraid to be honest in how much you smoke or when you struggle. Although a huge part has to come from your own determination and willpower to want to stop, having the support does help.

“The voucher scheme is a great way to go about it. I received a Carbon Monoxide monitor through the post, I send my breath test readings to Katie each month and receive a £20 voucher each time. Every time you make a purchase you can walk away feeling proud it’s another item your baby needs, paid for because you stopped doing the one thing you knew you would feel guilty for when they are born. 

“My twin boys are now six weeks old. I’m still completely smoke free and was through my pregnancy. I couldn’t be any prouder of myself or grateful for the support I have received.

“I’m already searching for the next thing I can purchase for my twins when my next lot of vouchers arrive, as you carry on receiving them for two months after. For some people this can be the most challenging time to stay quit, with the stress of it all. I’m so glad I have managed it, as that money also goes towards family days and treats for all of my children to benefit from a habit I didn’t even like anyway.

“For anyone feeling unsure or worried, just try. They will help you and support you, you’re stronger than you think and you will financially benefit and the heathy benefits are worth it even more!”

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