Patient Experience

Putting Patients First 

Putting Patients First is our initiative to deliver our vision to ensure that quality and patient experience are at the heart of the CCG.  

A key driver for this work was the publication of the Francis report, which challenged CCGs to better engage patients in order to drive quality of services. We were shortlisted for an NHS England Excellence in Participation to Achieve Insight and Feedback: Commissioner Award at the NHS England Excellence in Participation Awards in 2014. 

We have a systematic approach to engagement and quality, better sharing of lessons learnt and a robust approach to identifying themes arising from patient feedback.  

We gather insight from local people from many sources: surveys, direct feedback, consultation, social media, personal comments and statements, letters, and feedback from our member practices and partners alongside the standard channels of PALS and complaints.  The uniqueness of our work is in how we join up this feedback and use it to take collective action around future commissioning decisions. 

Putting Patients First helps us understand and use the experience of a wide variety of patients reflecting the diversity of our local population to influence every stage of the commissioning cycle through:

  • Quarterly patient experience reports to inform service transformation
  • Comprehensive engagement to inform strategic planning and service reviews
  • Quality Intelligence Group to inform the monitoring of current providers
  • Public Involvement and Patient Experience Committee (PIPEC) and Patient Participation Group (PPG) Network involvement to hold us to account as commissioners

The initiative has been achieved through a partnership approach with users of our services and stakeholders.  There is a focus on using patient experience feedback and insight to inform our strategic priorities with local people feeling part of shaping our commissioning decisions and a clear process for feeding back to them.  

We feel confident in being able to use insight to design and commission services to ensure a positive patient experience for now and the future.  PIPEC and PPG Network have helped shape engagement approaches, given feedback on services, inputted in programme work and provided assurance – whilst growing in membership and strength.  

Our internal processes underpin all of this with the Quality Intelligence Group pulling all this feedback together, identifying any themes around services, agreeing actions and following these to realise change.   

Putting Patients First reflects how the CCG lives the NHS values by using feedback as insight to make improvements in the delivery of compassionate care.  Our approach ensures that everyone counts, by not basing our decisions on the views of one group or a few individuals.

We make sure that those who are often not represented have a way of sharing their views either directly or via their representatives.  The initiative encourages and welcomes feedback from everyone to improve the quality of commissioned services. 

We would like to recognise the involvement and contribution of our PIPEC and PPG Network members for their contribution in this initiative. 

Where can you get more information about this work? 

We are proud to say that the work has been recognised nationally, being shortlisted in NHS England’s Excellence in Participation 2014 Awards.  A short video summarising this work can be found at

Patient experience work 

Improving experiences of care

NHS Wakefield CCG is working towards people having a good experience of the services they use.  We use the National Quality Board’s “I statements” as a measure of what matters to service users.  These are:

  • My care is coordinated
  • I am treated as an individual
  • I am involved as an active partner in my care
  • The people providing my care recognise that I am the expert on me
  • I am asked how I would like to be communicated with so that communication is tailored to me
  • I have access to the information I need
  • I have access to the support I need
  • The environment in which I receive my care is clean and comfortable and makes me feel dignified.

Quality Intelligence Group

Our Quality Intelligence Group was established in August 2013 in response to the Francis report.  Since it started membership of this group has included representatives from across the CCG as well as Healthwatch and the Local Authority.  Members provide feedback and soft ‘intelligence’ from local people about the services we purchase (such as hospital, ambulance, community and mental health services), or that we have a duty of quality for (such as GP practices).  We theme feedback gained through various sources, including our engagement work, PALS enquiries, Care Opinion posts and learning from complaints. 

The Quality Intelligence Group is a monthly meeting which aims to captures positive and negative experiences of health care from a range of sources including: Healthwatch, Patient Advice and Liaison Service, Wakefield Council, CCG engagement activities, complaints sent to the CCG and primary care. 

Representatives from different organisations and departments within the CCG share examples of good practice and areas for improvement. Although patients do not attend the meeting, the majority of the information gathered is based on what patients are telling us.  

Bringing together colleagues and their information helps us to gather key themes that are coming up and jointly across the members of the group agree the actions to be taken.  

Where can you find more information about the project?

Key themes from all Quality Intelligence Group meetings are included in the Integrated Quality and Performance Report, which is included in the NHS Wakefield CCG Governing Body meeting papers

Patient Safety Walkabouts

Wakefield and North Kirklees CCGs conduct a Patient Safety Walkabout on a monthly basis.  These are completed at various settings across the services provided by The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (MYHT). 

Patient Safety Walkabout information is included in our patient experience reports as well as the work of the Quality Intelligence Group and includes staff perceptions of patient experience following observation and conversations with MYHT staff and patients on the units visited. Healthwatch members also join in these visits. 

Walkabouts involve a small team of clinical and non-clinical staff walking onto ward areas to note their first impressions and talk to patients and staff to identify areas of good practice and areas for improvement. Patients share their views on topics including whether they feel staff are caring, the quality of food and level of involvement with their care plan and discharge plan. 

We talk to patients, visitors and staff on the wards which we visit.  We record their comments and note observations about things such as cleanliness. 

Summaries of all Patient Safety Walkabouts are included in the Integrated Quality and Performance Report, which is included in the NHS Wakefield CCG Governing Body meeting papers.