The Public Involvement and Patient Experience Committee (PIPEC)

The Public Involvement and Patient Experience Committee (PIPEC), which is a formal committee of the NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Governing Body has been unable to hold face to face meetings during the COVID-19.

The Patient and Community Panel had been established as an interim measure to enable NHS Wakefield CCG to continue to obtain patient and public feedback and assurance on patient experience and public involvement at this time.

Members of the Equality Health Panel (EHP), PPG Network and PIPEC have been invited to take part in the Panel. Training had been put in place ahead of these meetings to ensure that members were supported. This was both group and one to one sessions.

The Patient and Community Panel started as an informal group established as a temporary solution to enable NHS Wakefield CCG to stay in touch with ‘critical friends’. It was acknowledged that the process was dependent on the use of technology and as such, may not have been accessible for people who do not have access to a computer. PIPEC and EHP members who are unable to access meetings online are sent copies of the meeting papers and invited to comment via the engagement team. Despite the challenge with technology, the attendance has been strong and more members have joined over the last year.

The Panel has now confirmed their Terms of Reference and meetings are held every six weeks. The Panel have also established a task and finish group recently to consider the proposals within the Health and Social Care White Paper to help shape local arrangements for involving patients and communities. Approved minutes of each meeting are shared with CCG Governing Body to provide assurance that public and patient engagement is continuing.