Children's Continuing Care

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) relates to individuals over the age of 18 only, however, arrangements to prepare the child for adulthood in relation to their eligibility for NHS CHC will need to begin before their 18th birthday.

Continuing Care for children is available but is based on different criteria than CHC for adults and arranged in a different way. For example, the way in which the child receives their education has to be included.

Continuing Care for children is care and support provided for children and young people under 18 who need a tailored package of care because of their disability, an accident or illness.

Continuing care for a child or young person must take into consideration their healthcare needs but also their physical, emotional and intellectual development, including their education.

The CCG leads the process by which children in Wakefield are assessed for eligibility for NHS Continuing Care, and manages the provision of the care packages.

Much more information on continuing care for children is available on the NHS website . The framework sets out the process for putting the care in place – the assessment phase, decision-making phrase, and arrangement of provision phase. Parents/guardians can now apply to receive continuing care for children in the form of a Personal Health Budget.