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South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust - Memory Clinic

The Wakefield memory service provides specialist assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with memory problems.

Assessments usually take place in an individual’s home, with diagnosis and follow up visits being held in a clinic setting. Treatment is usually the prescription of an anti-dementia medication that helps to treat Alzheimer’s.

The memory service works as part of a larger health and social care support network for people with memory loss. Our local partners include GPs, social services, physical health services, the voluntary sector and other Trust mental health teams who can help if someone has a higher degree of need. We work closely with Wakefield Carers and the Wakefield Alzheimer’s Society for non-medical treatment and support, as well as social services for help with social care needs.

Referrals to our team usually come following an individual’s consultation with a GP. This ensures that a physical reason for memory problems is ruled out and that some basic health screening has already been completed.

Referrals accepted from:

CMHTs, Consultants, GPs

Referral criteria:

To be eligible for referral to our service individuals must have a memory problem where a physical reason for their memory loss has already been ruled out.

Address: Drury Lane Health & Wellbeing Centre Drury Lane Wakefield WF1 2TE