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Life Story Network - Knowing Me A Learning Resource for Dementia, Depression & Delirium

The Clinical Network commissioned the Life Story Network CIC to produce this resource. Knowing Me! offers practical guidance on person centered care for those living with dementia, depression and delirium. The objectives of Knowing Me! are to raise awareness and understanding of the 3D’s, drive improvements in the standards of care, and improve the outcomes that can be achieved for those affected by the 3D’s. 

Knowing Me! builds on the values and principles of person centered care and support to improve the quality of life and provides useful and practical ways improvements can be made to really make a difference. The learning outcomes of Knowing Me are mapped across to the care certificate, National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines and Level 3 of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) in Dementia.

As a product Knowing Me! focuses on fun and ease of use. This learning resource is accessible and ideal for use across the whole care sector including acute, mental health, care homes and community settings. It is also easily accessible for families of people with dementia. ‘Knowing Me!’ is free to download or a hard copy of this practical guide is available to buy from the LSN website.