Maternity unit


We commission a range of care for women in pregnancy and labour.  This includes the brand new birth centres at Dewsbury (Bronte Birth Centre) and Pinderfields as well as the existing birth centre at Pontefract (Friarwood birth centre, pictured right).  Women can also birth in the obstetric led unit at Pinderfields or at home.  


Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking is a leading cause of miscarriage and still birth.  For information on smoking in pregnancy and support if you want to give up, click here



Support and information about breastfeeding locally.


Pitter Patter Chatter


This is a website designed with and for local mums to provide information on services in Wakefield District in pregnancy.  It includes information on antenatal classes, other local services and news.  


Women who are pregnant are eligible for free flu vaccinations to protect them and their baby – see your GP or local pharmacist for more information.


Women will also be offered a vaccination against whooping cough (also known as pertussis) towards the end of their pregnancy which gives protection to their baby after they are born before they are old enough to have their own infant vaccinations.  This is because there are currently high rates of whooping cough across the country and new infants are particularly at risk.  Contact your GP practice for a vaccination between 20-32 weeks of pregnancy.