Mental health and wellbeing

One in four and one in ten

Approximately one in four adults and one in ten children suffer from mental health problems each year in the UK. Yet mental illness is still misunderstood and surrounded by prejudice, ignorance and fear.

These attitudes make it more difficult for people suffering a mental health problem to work, make friends and live a normal life. The discrimination they face can be as much or more of a burden than the illness itself. Nine out of ten people with mental health problems have reported the negative impact that stigma and discrimination has on their lives.

Working with our partners, we're determined to change that.

Tips for boosting everyone's mental wellbeing

  • Eating healthily - eat a good varied diet with plenty of fruit and veg
  • Keep hydrated - drink plenty of water and cut down on caffeinated drinks too
  • Get enough sleep - try to enjoy a good night's sleep or plenty of relaxation
  • Be smokefree - information on the NHS website
  • Drink responsibly - don't consume more alcohol than recommended guidelines
  • Keep active - take regular exercise
  • Be open - talk about your feelings
  • Stay occupied - take up a new hobby or learn a new skill
  • Keep warm - try and keep your living space at 21 degrees celsius and other rooms at 18 degrees celsius

If you’re worried about your own or someone else’s mental wellbeing, there’s a wealth of information online:

If you need more urgent attention, please contact your GP or contact your local Samaritans on 01924 377011.