One in four adults experiences at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any given year. People in all walks of life can be affected and at any point in their lives. Mental health problems represent the largest single cause of disability in the UK.

The NHS is placing more national focus than ever before on mental health. NHS England and NHS Improvement aim to deliver a transformation in adult and older adult mental health services by 2023/24, building on the progress made to date towards achieving the recommendations set out in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, and aiming to rebalance the provision of care and ensure that people can access the care they need closer to home.


The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership want to make sure that mental health services are integrated or combined with physical health services - this will ensure that they care and treat the ‘whole’ person.

For example, supporting people with long-term physical health conditions to cope with anxiety or depression.

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The Connecting Care+ partnership programme in Wakefield is made up of local health, social care, voluntary and community sector organisations from across the Wakefield district. These organisations work together as partners to deliver health and social care integration to deliver innovative methods of care to local people.

As part of this work, there are many programmes which focus on improving the mental health and wellbeing of adults in Wakefield.

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Local services in Wakefield

We also have a range of local mental health and wellbeing services available across the District. Please click on the links in the menu across this page for more information on each service or condition.