Services for under-18s

Children and Young People

Support for families with children with a disability

We commission a range of services for children with a disability.


We work with Wakefield Local Authority on implementing the reforms in the Children & Families act 2014.  For the latest information and events please visit the Wakefield Local Offer.


Common childhood illnesses

We have a range of information leaflets on common childhood illness available through our Pitter Patter Chatter Website.


This is a website designed with and for local mums to provide information on local services in pregnancy and for young children. 



Support and information about breastfeeding locally can be found here. 


Sexual health

There are a wide range of sexual health clinics available across the district for contraception, pregnancy testing, chlamydia testing, advice and support.  To find a clinic near you go to visit the Spectrum website


Future in Mind

In October 2015 the Wakefield Local Transformation Plan for mental health and emotional wellbeing for children and young people was approved, and funding to support this programme was allocated to Wakefield up to 2020. The Future in Mind Programme has moved at a pace over the last 12 months.


A key focus of the Future in Mind programme is to support professionals in school to identify as early as possible when young people need support with emotional wellbeing. We now have a Primary practitioner team that are establishing themselves in the primary and secondary schools across the seven localities across the Wakefield district. We have over 40 schools that are now signed up to the programme.  The Primary Practitioners will be working with education colleagues to offer support and consultation around emotional health and wellbeing. The team have also developed an accredited workforce development programme which will be rolled out over the next 12 months plus to upskill staff with 10 modules of learning around mental health and wellbeing.


Wakefield has an online counselling service called KOOTH that has now been available to young people aged between 11 and 25 years old since November 2015. The service has been very successful across the District and the quarter 2 report for 2016/17 showed that 950 young people have registered on KOOTH website.


Wakefield has seven Community Navigators who work in our Third Sector they are working across the seven early help localities. The Community Navigator team will work to overcome barriers for young people in accessing services. The Navigators will also advocate for children and young people, overcoming barriers to access and supporting attendance of and access to services.


We hope to have a launch event early in 2017 for Future in Mind for any organisations and services that are unaware of the programme and to celebrate the success so far.