Brand identity guidelines and logos

Our partnership is called Wakefield District Health & Care Partnership (HCP).

This replaces all names, logos and brand guidelines which have previously been used for Wakefield partnership.

Our Brand Identity Guidelines

Our Brand Identity Guidelines explain how our logo and local design style should be used correctly. This will give us a consistent, professional look for our partnership which people can readily recognise. It will also ensure our work meets accessibility standards.

Our logo

Our logo represents Wakefield District HCP and all its partners. It should be used on all work undertaken by and on behalf of Wakefield District HCP.

By adopting a partnership name and logo for Wakefield District HCP, it is agreed that the logos of individual partners should not be included on documents created in relation to the work of the partnership.

Our logo is available for use in four styles:

  1. Positive (colour): for use in colour documents on white backgrounds.
  2. Reversed (white): for use on dark coloured backgrounds.
  3. Monochrome (black): for use in black and white documents.
  4. Monochrome reversed (white on black): for use in black and white documents on a dark background.

Please note these logos have been provided as low resolution files to help reduce document sizes. For larger files and logos in different format (eg, for professional print purposes) please contact

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