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Medicines Optimisation

Medicines Optimisation is about ensuring that the right patients get the right choice of medicine at the right time. It is a holistic patient-focussed approach that encompasses all aspects of the medicines journey. It helps to ensure that the medicines prescribed or recommended for purchase over the counter, will treat patients’ conditions effectively and safely in order to offer the best or desired outcomes.

The CCG’s Medicines Optimisation team works collaboratively with key stakeholders including clinicians in primary and secondary care, patients, carers and other health and social care professionals, to ensure the people of Wakefield obtain the best possible outcomes from their medicines.

The team also works closely with neighboring CCGs in South West Yorkshire to produce prescribing guidelines to ensure the provision of seamless patient care across the area. More information on prescribing guidelines can be found on the South West Yorkshire Area Prescribing Committee website.


Reducing Waste Medicines

Nationally £300 million is wasted on unused or partially used medicines annually. In Wakefield it is estimated that every year £3 million of medicines are not taken as intended and are thus wasted.

Wakefield’s ‘Waste Medicines Strategy’ intends to address this problem by working closely with GP practices, patients, community pharmacies and other stakeholders to reduce waste. The root causes have been identified and following consultation, strategies developed and systems redesigned to ensure that the prescribing, dispensing and the taking of medicines are effective and safe for all whilst minimising waste medicines.

Prescribing changes

As part of our strategy, certain medications/preparations (such as gluten free preparations and soya milk infant formulae) will no longer be available to patients via prescriptions, unless exceptionality can be demonstrated, from 1 July 2017. For further information, please view the documents below.

Do you have a repeat prescription and access to the internet?

If so, do you know that you can order your repeat medicines online safely, effectively and conveniently as one part of the GP online services available to patients?

To sign up for online services:

1. Tell your GP practice that you would like to start using their online services

2. A member of the practice will then ask you to fill in a short form

3. You will have to provide photo ID and proof of address. If you do not have any ID then either a member of staff will have to confirm your identity or you may have to answer questions about personal information in your GP record 

4. Once you have signed up, you will receive a letter with your unique username and password and a link to where you can log in