Publication Scheme

The aim of a publication scheme is to foster openness in government and increase transparency of what we do, what we spend, our priorities, decisions and policies. A secondary aim is to improve public access to the information we hold, making it easier for you to find and obtain the information you require without having to make a written request.

The Freedom of Information Act imposes a duty on every public body to produce and regularly maintain a publication scheme.  Publication schemes are structured collections of information released routinely, organised into classes of information which make it easier for you to find the information you require. The Environmental Information Regulations gives a similar right of access to environmental information.

NHS Wakefield CCG is currently expanding our publication scheme and adding new documents to our classes of information all the time.  We aim to actively publish as much information as we can, where this information has a public interest and is not exempt from disclosure.  We will monitor our publication scheme regularly to ensure it is meeting our obligations and our aims.  We therefore encourage you to use our publication scheme and website and we hope you will find the information you require.

Nearly all the information listed in our Publication Scheme can be read and downloaded free of charge.  If you do not have access to the Internet, a printed copy of this Publication Scheme can be sent to you free of charge.  In some cases a fee may be levied, such as if you require multiple copies of a document or you have requested the information in a certain format.  

Information contained within this Publication Scheme (or supplied in response to a written request) will be available in the language in which it is held.  However if required we will translate any information on this site (or supplied in response to a written request) where NHS Wakefield CCG is legally required to do so.  We will also comply with all disability and discrimination legislation and on request make our information available in other formats as required by law.