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Redeployment: Caroline's story

Caroline works for Wakefield CCG as a Primary Care Manager, working with the three Wakefield Health Alliance Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and the Five Towns PCN. As part of the COVID response, Caroline applied the skills from her substantive role and became a dedicated resource to provide additional business management capacity to the Wakefield Health Alliance PCNs, working alongside the Director of Operations and fellow CCG colleagues.

“As I work with the PCNs in my existing role, I was prepared to work with them directly in a more focussed way, and with relationships already established, we were able to continue working effectively and collaboratively in response to the impact of COVID-19, ensuring general practice were supported.”

One of the main takeaways of this experience for Caroline was establishing more partnership working across the CCG, primary care, Wakefield Council and Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust. Caroline said:

“In the face of the pandemic, it was good that we were all able to pull together with a more partnership approach.”

Now, Caroline has mostly returned to her existing role. However, the experience of COVID response has changed it substantially. Caroline now works a lot more in the community, with partnership and cross organisational working now being the default, something that had never happened before:

“COVID has provided an opportunity for the wider system to continue using this approach. We’re working collaboratively in terms of the reset and stabilisation of services, and utilising the different skills and knowledge from each organisation.

“Through doing this, it’s enabled everyone to be on the same page, and we’re part of a bigger team rather than working in silo.”

For Caroline, redeployment has been an incredible opportunity to change the way we work and establish strong relationships with partners across Wakefield, which she believes will continue for years to come.

Redeployment not only established relationships for Caroline, it also gave her the opportunity to learn more:

“My contribution is project management, but I’m now working with people who are on the ground and have a vast knowledge of the services we provide, so I’m learning a lot from their expertise in the area.”

A big thank you to Caroline for all your contributions to Wakefield’s COVID response.