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Redeployment: Renuka's story

Renuka’s substantive role at Wakefield CCG is in the Business Support Unit, where she provides admin support for the Medicines Optimisation and Quality teams. However, Renuka has been working in the Virtual Care Homes team since March and continues to do so as part of the CCG’s COVID-19 response.

In her new role, Renuka takes calls from nurses who want to get in touch with care homes. She also keeps in contact with care home managers and makes sure they have all the support they need. Another aspect of her role is to collate important information related to COVID-19 and disseminate this information to care homes.

When Renuka was asked if she'd be willing to be redeployed in March, she was initially a bit wary but as soon as she heard what it was about she was looking forward to it:

“I had worked with care homes before so I knew what to expect, but I was excited to learn more about a different area. It’s different to my normal role as I am more involved in discussions, I’m loving it.

“The team has received a lot of great feedback from care homes across the district, who have said they appreciate the formation of the team.”

Renuka shared how being in a different role has taught her new skills, but it has also allowed her to learn more about herself and become much more confident:

 “I’ve learnt how to use Excel spreadsheets, which seemed scary at first, but I have learnt more as I go along.

“Being in admin, I have always had to be organised and multi-task, but being redeployed has really improved these skills.

“I’m much more confident at managing workload and time constraints, and I am more able to communicate any feelings of time pressures; I have also become a lot more confident in myself.”

Renuka’s role is still ongoing, but she shared how she’ll be sad when it comes to an end, and that the area of work is something she’d like to explore in the future.

A big thank you to Renuka for all your contributions to the CCG’s COVID-19 response.