We work together with patients and GP practices to ensure the right NHS services are in place to support our population’s health and wellbeing. We call this commissioning.


We have a duty to secure continuous improvement in the quality and safety of all services commissioned for our populations.


In this section of the website you will find details of the health care providers we hold a contract with, performance data and proposed service changes. 


NHS Wakefield CCG commissions (buys) healthcare services – it does not directly provide them.  It does not commission or provide Primary Care services (GP practices, dental practices, pharmacies, opticians) – these services are commissioned by NHS England.


Wakefield CCG uses the Commissioning Cycle as a framework to link internal business processes together across the organisation. There is a handbook that provides the tools to take changes to commissioned services through a standardised approach from concept to delivery.

Key outcomes of this approach are:

• A transparent framework which is simple, easy to navigate and understand.

• Commitment to streamlining ways of working to enable implementation of the strategic objectives of the organisation.

• A live dynamic resource which is regularly updated and reviewed.

• Robust consideration and evaluation of the need for change, thorough development of proposals, timely decision-making, efficient tendering and contracting to deliver the change, on to subsequent monitoring of its delivery and impact.

In this way, the CCG is focusing on improving the quality of healthcare, committed to an evidence-based approach to commissioning and engaging patients and the public, clinicians and commissioners in strategic planning and service design.