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21. COVID-19 vaccinations: frequently asked questions  
About the vaccines How do the vaccines work?  Like all vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccines teach your body to fight the virus. The vaccines work by making a protein from the virus that is…  
22. COVID-19 vaccine including FAQs  
The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against COVID-19.  
23. NHS Wakefield CCG Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021  
Graphic of person logging on virtually Find out more about what was covered at the NHS Wakefield CCG Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place between 5pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday 13 July.  
24. Second vaccinations brought forward to eight weeks for people in Wakefield  
Two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination are needed The NHS in Wakefield is bringing forward second doses for people of all ages, following the government’s announcement on Monday.  
25. Young people urged to get their vaccine to make the most of new ‘freedoms’  
Young people urged to get their vaccine to make the most of new ‘freedoms’ With ‘Freedom Day’ tantalisingly close, young adults are being urged to get their jab to make the most of restrictions easing.  
26. Home  
Latest news Our latest tweetsTweets by @NHSWakefieldCCG Read all our news Policies Guidance Commissioning Procurement Key documents and resources Who we are Annual…  
27. COVID Oximetry @home service  
We are working together with GP practices and community teams across the Wakefield district to provide the COVID Oximetry @home service, which is run by Local Care Direct (LCD), to those who are…  
28. Meetings  
NHS Wakefield CCG became a statutory organisation from 1 April 2013. As part of being a statutory organisation  we are committed to holding a number of meetings in public, so that local people…  
29. NHS 73rd birthday - a time to say thank you  
A group of healthcare workers standing together The NHS will mark its 73rd birthday on Monday 5 July 2021 after a year like no other. It has been an extremely challenging year for the NHS, and the country as a whole, but also a year of hope.  
30. Learning Disabilities Mortality Review  
2020/21 Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Annual Report   Background NHS Wakefield CCG has written the second LeDeR annual report. LeDeR is about stopping people with a…  
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