Discover and connect with the social prescribing world through the new Learning Together programme

Are you a local voluntary organisation, community or faith group, or social enterprise (VCFSE) interested in or providing social prescribing services?

Learning Together programme

The National Academy of Social Prescribing (NASP) has launched a new Learning Together programme to help you discover the world of social prescribing, make local connections with other organisations delivering services, meet national and local partners working across the region, and explore opportunities to develop your work in social prescribing.

Starting this Autumn, Learning Together is a free, six-month, flexible programme of regional learning and development activities about social prescribing for VCFSE groups and organisations supporting their communities’ needs across the North East, North Cumbria and Yorkshire.

VONNE is the North East and Yorkshire regional lead for the Thriving Communities programme, and is delivering Learning Together this Autumn/Winter alongside regional VCSE infrastructure partners across Yorkshire and Humber, and North Cumbria. Find out more about the free programme and how to register.