Draft Integrated Care Board constitution

An opportunity for you to find out more and have your say.

The new Health and Social Care Bill is currently making its way through Parliament and if successful will come into being in April 2022.  The purpose of the proposals is to integrate health and care systems to provide a more joined up service for our populations and improve both their experience and health. 

As part of the Integrated Care System a new Integrated Care Board will be created across West Yorkshire, taking on many of the responsibilities of the current Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).  CCGs as an organisation will then cease to exist, including NHS Wakefield CCG, but the employment of colleagues and most commissioning responsibilities will pass to the ICB. 

It is therefore necessary to have a constitution for the ICB outlining its duties and how it will conduct business.  NHS Wakefield CCG is helping the Partnership ensure that all our local stakeholders can comment on the draft Constitution.  Here is how you can do this:

  • Contact to invite us to your meeting to discuss the draft Constitution
  • Visit our website using this link and read the constitution, briefing, answers to frequently asked questions to discuss this yourselves and use the comment portal to share your views.
  • Leave your comments on the feedback from at the bottom of the constitution web page link
  • Email your comments to

The engagement will start on 8 November and finish on 14 January 2022.

NHS Wakefield CCG has been part of the group developing this draft constitution and hopes that you can find the time to look at the draft constitution and share your thoughts about it.

You can find out more by visiting